CPA, Realtor, Team Member

He is a successful inventor and entrepreneur. Rob has created, built and sold multiple companies in various industries, including software, marketing, digital media and real estate. Rob has also created, developed and marketed new products. He holds patents for many of his inventions, and is an experienced professional in consumer science and analytics, software and app development, consumer package goods (CPG), large retail, marketing and residential real estate. Rob has won many professional awards, including the Procter & Gamble Marketing Innovation of the Year.

Rob has worked with Kroger, Nielsen, Realogy, Procter & Gamble, DocuSign, Unilever, Facebook, Microsoft, Kraft Heinz, Walgreens, General Motors, Disney, WPP, Omnicom, Safeway, News Corp, Sony, the largest ad agencies in the world and many more prestigious companies.

Rob has spent most of his career researching, understanding and enhancing the customer experience. Rob’s patents are directedly related to improving the customer experience in multiple industries, most recently in residential real estate.

Certified Public Accountant.
UC Berkeley (Cal): Biology, Accounting.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Data Science in Real Estate program.