MBA, Realtor, Team Member

Born in the scenic town of Paarl, located outside Cape Town, South Africa, Nigel developed a passion for innovation and problem-solving from a young age. After completing his diploma in Electrical Engineering, he embarked on an exciting journey by moving to Auckland, New Zealand, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Nigel kick-started his career as an Electronics Design Engineer, specializing in Heavy Construction & Telematics.

In pursuit of further knowledge and skills, Nigel made the decision to relocate to Phoenix in 2010. He seized the opportunity to enroll in Arizona State University, where he embarked on an MBA program focused on Finance and Leadership.

During his time at the university, Nigel not only enhanced his understanding of business strategy and financial management but also cultivated essential leadership qualities.

Nigel’s journey took an exciting turn when he joined ClaytonWolf in 2020 as the Chief Technology Officer. In this role, he spearheads the technological vision and strategy for the company, leveraging his expertise to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients. Nigel’s ability to bridge the gap between technology and business has proven invaluable in aligning ClaytonWolf’s technology initiatives with their overarching organizational goals.